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When clients come to me with chronic pain that has not gone away, I know how they feel.

I experienced chronic illness and a series of seemingly minor accidents as a child that caused significant body pain. Painful but manageable. A groin injury from a dance class in college pushed me over the edge. All of the sudden, I felt like a 22-year-old in a 75-year-old body.

Normal activities were too painful to do. I literally could not walk across the parking lot to go to the grocery store. I tried things like massage & chiropractic, but the pain persisted.  Four years later I discovered Rolfing® and my life began to change.

Not only did Rolfing® (Structural Integration) restore me physically, I also experienced deep emotional healing and discovered my true passion: Transformation.

Wanting to help others experience the same physical and emotional transformation, I trained as a Rolfer® in 1993.

With Rolfing® (Structural Integration) as my foundation, I’ve learned other bodywork modalities so that I can address almost every type of body tissue, including organs, nerves, and other deep tissues and systems in the body. This work not only balances the body’s structure, it improves the body’s function at all levels.

Many people come to me with complex issues and I combine the various modalities to be able to help them. This is why my work is so effective with chronic pain. My clients have dubbed me “magic hands” because I get them results.

So if you’ve been dealing with chronic pain or discomfort, consider booking a session. Let me help you get your life back so you can do the things you love to!




Although our bodies were made to adapt and heal themselves, too much stress over the years drags us down. Think about Jenga. Each piece removed causes the structure to become more and more unstable until one more move causes the whole thing to come tumbling down. That’s an analogy for the body.

You think that minor accident or sprained ankle wasn’t a big deal, but it was the final straw in a chain reaction that had been set in motion years before. Basically, the effects of gravity plus stress alter the balance and function of our bodies over time. People usually think their bodies are a fixed entity and they just have to live with what they’ve got.

​Not so. Unlike other structures, the body is living and dynamic. It was designed to respond to touch. Well-trained hands can release the strains and trauma that impact our movement and well-being. When our bodies are aligned properly, the way we walk through life changes too, improving our outlook, ability to handle stress, and how we manage relationships.

My clients who are new to bodywork marvel at how that previously forgotten bike accident at age 8 set them up for the shoulder injury at 40. And they love the fact that coming in for a shoulder injury can result in them having more mobility and freedom throughout their whole body.

10 Series of Structural Integration.

Most clients first experience Structural Integration through a defined series of sessions, usually 10, each lasting about 75 minutes, and each building upon the last. After completing their series, many clients choose to continue with periodic “tune-ups” while others come in regularly for help with issues resulting from injuries or illness.

There is an appropriate structural integration pathway for every individual and strategies will be tailored specifically for you. Always keeping the goal of balancing the body in mind, I also incorporate visceral manipulation and craniosacral work into the series to better release trauma and deeper restrictions.

Other clients choose ongoing work to stay in peak form. Regardless, once the initial work is done, returning for advanced work or ‘tune-ups’ after three to twelve months can take the body to yet an even higher level of functionality and freedom.

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